8/28/08  What a week. On the 26th, my two year old nephew fell off our trampoline and broke his femur. He’s in a cast from waist down. Poor baby. And poor mommy. He’s a twin, and she has 4 kids. They left our house this morning to head back home to Missouri. What a long drive that will be. They are in my prayers.

So is my brother and his wife. She gave birth yesterday, (my brother’s birthday) to a preemie. She had to have and emergency C-section, and then the baby was taken to another hospital and put in ICU. She’d doing well and knows God’s in charge, so she’s staying strong. He (baby) is doing better today. They are weening him off the ventilators and hopefully he will be breathing on his own soon. His lungs seem to be more developed than originally thought.

God bless both families. And God bless those that keep them in their prayers.


8/18/08 With my husband home, we’ve been redoing our deck. Well, hubby’s done most of the work. It looks great. Now if I could find my camera, I’d take pictures. And tomorrow is the first day of school. Yeah, I really need my camera for that too. Poor kids. Huh. Maybe I should go look for it again.

Last week some kids stole $800 worth of tools out of our pickup. The next day the police told me who did it, so I called them up and told them to bring them back. Well, I scared them a little bit. And they did! Woo Hoo! I got our tools back. Felt great!

Did I mention school starts tomorrow?

8/10/08 My husband drives truck and his engine desided to go belly up on us 25 miles southeast of Kanab Utah. I drove the almost 4 hours to go get him, without knowing exactly where in Kanab he was. Well, he has a cell phone, but I don’t. And he didn’t have service. I spent 3 hours and 5 collect calls to my mom before I finally found him.

We made it home and will know soon what we’re going to do with his rig.


This week I sent my preface into Miss Snark’s First Victim Contest. I’d like to express my gratitude to all those who commented on my post. I recieved so much helpful advise. I’d also like to thank Miss Snark and the Secret Agent, Holly Root. Ms. Root took time to comment on each and every post, and I know her time is limited. So thanks for helping us.

You can check out her comments, along with the others at http://misssnarksfirstvictim.blogspot.com/2008/07/94-secret-agent-are-you-hooked.html

I had fun and enjoyed it.