Update 12/17/08:  I’m loving this story!

This novel takes place in Cincinnati Ohio where Devin McKenzie is the only female homicide cop on her squad.

And a special thanks to Tom Lind of CPD who helps with all the cop stuff. And to Jud Oscherwitz from Towne Properties who’s finding my characters places to live. Y’all are great!

A small sample from Devin McKenzie (the current title) And remember, this is raw. No edits. So be kind.


A white cotton sheet twisted around Devin’s naked body. She couldn’t believe how glorious making love to Jonathan was. The wait had been well worth it, as Jonathan had mastered the art completely in the four days since they’d married. At least he had in her mind. Even if her knowledge was limited to him, and the last four days.

“Hurry up,” she whispered to the empty whitewashed room. “How long does it take to go for breakfast?”

Jonathan had surprised her with the trip to Santorini Greece, where his parents had lived in Akrotiri until weeks after his sixth birthday. They were married on the beach by his grandmother’s Greek Orthodox priest.

Devin walked to the large window, allowing the warm sun to hit her. Maybe today they would venture out of the hotel to the grey beach and crystalline blue waters of Perivolos.

Sirens echoed in the distance, causing an anguished gasp to escape. Unsure why, her stomach knotted and bile rose to her throat. “Jonathan,” she mumbled as she found a pair of jeans and pulled them on. His white tux shirt, thrown on the back of a chair their first moments in the room, was tugged on as she opened the door and ventured out. She buttoned it as she ran.

Tears streamed down her face as she stumbled onto the tight cliff side street. The wail of the siren pulled her toward the inner sanctum of the village. A crowd gathered around a policeman who loomed over a body. Devin screamed when she noticed the Radius OC running shoes from Brooks that Jonathan had slipped his feat into just before leaving the room.

Onlookers stared at her as she forced her way to her husband and collapsed by his side. Blood soaked through her shirt—his blood—as she rocked his lifeless body and cried hysterically.

Someone pulled on her arm and spoke in a language she did not understand.

“Jonathan,” she shrieked. “Please, God. No.”

“Madame,” a woman said, kneeling beside her. “E iz yourz?”

Devin stared up at the olive skinned maternal woman. She could’ve been Jonathan’s aunt, she looked so much like the pictures of his mother.

“E iz yourz?” she asked again.

“He’s my husband,” Devin whispered.

“E iz Greek? No?”

“Yes. And American. He’s both.” Devin couldn’t fully grasp what was happening. Things became foggy and she found it more and more difficult to keep hold of reality.

A reality without Jonathan.

A reality she didn’t want.

“You come,” the policeman said.

Devin stared up at him.


The man took her elbow and helped her up, speaking to her, yet she still didn’t understand.

“I can’t leave him,” she insisted.

Two men loaded Jonathan onto a stretcher and into the back of an ambulance. The woman who had spoken to her in broken English, handed her Jonathan’s left shoe.

Devin rode with the policeman, paying no attention to where they drove. He helped her from the car and into a building which looked like every other building on the island to her.

She sat for hours.


But she didn’t know for what. She needed to be with her husband. Why wouldn’t they let her see Jonathan?

“Mrs. Lekkas?” A broad man, wearing pleated tan slacks and a loud Hawaiian print shirt, stood over her. His black thinning hair needed washing, and a stain blended into a palm tree above the shirt pocket.

Devin nodded.

“Mrs. Lekkas, I am sorry. We’ve contacted his family on the island. His uncle is on his way.”

“I’ve only met his grandmother. I don’t know any of them.”

“So I’ve heard.” His English was polished and crisp. “Mr. Lekkas, Jonathan’s uncle, would like to meet you.”

“And then what?”

What would happen to her now? She had flown to Greece as Devin McKenzie. Was she expected to go home to her old life? Go home without her husband?

“And then…” The man looked at her with sad eyes. “I don’t know.”


A cold chill shot down Karen’s spine as warm air blew past her ear.

The word next vibrated in her mind.

She tried to catch her breath.

Wanting to run.

But where?

Where was she?

“Miss Donavan?” someone called. Male.

She recognized the voice. Not one she ever wanted to hear again.

“Do you think you can escape? No one ever escapes!”

Maybe so, but she sure as hell would. Or hopefully, die trying.

Thunder echoed in the distance, adding to the eeriness of her current situation.

Speak again. I need to know where you are.

Karen looked around, searching for a way out of the damp woods. For salvation.

“And there you are, pet.”

Her heart sank as Mr. Coleson, her ninth grade Advanced Biology teacher, stepped out from behind a tree.

“And what a beautiful pet you are.”

Her salvation wouldn’t come.

She prayed now for the mercy of death.