Summer? Who has time for fun and games when Night Shadows—evil beings who possess human bodies— are roaming the streets of Austin Texas? Not twenty-eight year old Guardian of the Night, Memphis McLoughlin. As she’s preparing to kick some Night Shadow tail, a stranger rushes in and whisks her away from the evil in the dark alley. Memphis is confused and honestly a bit peeved, and while she tries to feel grateful, it’s hard when the man just takes control of the situation. A situation he couldn’t possibly understand. Despite her irritation with him, she finds herself drawn to the handsome brute.

No matter her attraction, she doesn’t date. Ever. Not since Jacob Riley seduced her at the young age of fifteen and left her pregnant and alone. And she’s determined not to make an exception to the rule. Even for sexy, Laif Craig.

And it’s not just her no-men rule. She has a son to consider. Not that she’s ashamed of him, but being a Guardian is highly dangerous. Unable to trust herself to protect him from the beings she hunts until he is skilled enough to fight alongside her, eleven year old Callan is a secret she’d die to keep. But Laif is sure there is a connection between him and Memphis and when he tracks her down, she agrees to meet with him despite her conviction to keep her distance. Knowing the danger that lurks at every corner, ever vigilant Memphis is distracted by thoughts of Laif, and misses the fact that her best friend and boss, Shane Evans, has been possessed by the one Night Shadow determined to destroy her. Just outside a bar, where she’s to meet Laif, Shane shoots Memphis in the stomach and leaves her to die on the sidewalk.

Laif is at her side in seconds and rushes her to the hospital where his mother works. After surgery, Laif’s mom Lydia, and Dr. Alannah Begay, discover Memphis has a secret. Her blood is not quite human. Lucky for Memphis, the Craig Family and Dr. Begay are also Guardians of the Night. They keep her in a drug induced sleep to hide her fast healing, a trait all Guardians share. But the blood thing? That’s new to the Craigs. And to Memphis.

During the three days that follow, Laif realizes Memphis is his soulmate. His Anamchara. Unfortunately, the only thing Memphis realizes is that she is in imminent danger and when she wakes, she’s more determined than ever to protect herself and her son. And that means no Laif Craig. But Laif won’t take no for an answer. He’s set on caring for her. On loving her.

More than capable of taking care of herself and Callan, Memphis is ready to push Laif away. After all, her life isn’t one many men would understand. But when Laif informs her he too is a Guardian, she realizes that they may possibly have a chance. That is, until the father she thought had abandoned her as a child, materializes from thin air in her hospital room. She is shocked to learn that Ian not only loved her and her mother, but he’d been in a fae prison in another realm for over twenty years for the crime of marrying a mortal. Needing answers from her fae father, Memphis is left alone with him and she fears Laif has finally been pushed past what he’s willing to endure.

When Laif returns later that night to stay with her, Memphis’ worries are stilled, but his take over attitude leaves Memphis scared and confused. How can she want a man who is so dominant? He’s not concerned about her fae blood, but he wishes to control how and where she will be cared for when she’s finally allowed to leave the hospital. However, the struggle of whether to hold on to him, or let him go might just be made for her the day she’s released.

Callan is home early from summer vacation and shocks Laif as he reveals Memphis as his mother. Laif, hurt and confused, abruptly leaves. Memphis is devastated, especially since she was minutes away from confiding to Laif about her secret child. She knows that learning about Callan is a double blow, because Guardians must remain pure in every way in order to fight. Drugs, alcohol, and sex outside of marriage are out. After giving Laif some time to process, Memphis is determined to make thing work. She goes to plead her case, only to find him kissing another woman. Brokenhearted and angry, Memphis leaves to go fight Night Shadows. When she comes home late that night, Laif is waiting. He’s adamant that she forgive him. The other woman was a mistake. One that would never happen again.

Unwilling to forgive, Memphis demands he leave. In desperation, Laif kisses her, hoping to pour all of his love into the kiss, but something more happens. When Laif kisses Memphis, an explosion of both their pasts’ sweep through their minds in the way all Guardians discover their soulmates. They can hide nothing from each other.

Through the kiss, Memphis realizes Laif is truthful in the sincerity and magnitude of his feelings. And not only does he love her, but he loves her son. A son he wants as his own.

As they agree to marry and work things out, Memphis’ father informs them that they must go to Ireland and speak with Jacob Riley, Callan’s father, and as it turns out, Laif’s first cousin whom he’s never met. In Ireland they will find the key to closing the fracture between Earth and Hell. That is, if they can face their problems together and learn to communicate. If not, the forces of evil just may win.