“Miss Sidorova, can we have a word?” the DEA from the chopper asked.

I nodded, trying with everything I had to ignore Talmage and picked at my sandwich. My feelings toyed between rage and heartbreak. Did I really believe he was responsible for Danny’s death? Not the man that I had gotten to know over the last two days. But what about the man I didn’t know? Was he the kind of person that put his ego and career over everything? What about his wife? What was her take on him being gone all the time? Having a husband in this line of work couldn’t be easy.

“We just have a few questions to ask and then you can get some sleep.”

Talmage went into the room across the hall. Southridge was a pit bull. Why had they sent him down? I prayed Talmage really wasn’t involved. The DEA man pulled out a chair for me, so I sat.

“Miss Sidorova, my name’s Jameson. Can you tell me about your meeting with Abilhão?” his southern accent did nothing to help him pronounce the Latin name. Jameson sat in the chair next to me and smiled.

“Well, I can tell you what it was supposed to be. We were negotiating a trade, more or less. Abilhão had a large quantity of pure heroin he wanted moved. He said he had another buyer, but if we could get him weapons, he was willing to talk.” I sighed. My eyes hurt.

“What kind of weapons did he have in mind?”

I slumped a little in my chair, eyeing the bed. What I wouldn’t give to lie down for even thirty minutes. “AKMs with GP-25 40mm underbarrel grenade launchers. Among other things. Mostly older guns. Russian. Said he liked how we did things in the Mother Country.”

Jameson raised his eyebrow. He had a certain charm about him. Blond, shaggy hair, green eyes, and a nice smile. I had a feeling he knew how to charm women. I couldn’t tell if he wanted to charm me though. “Mother Country?”

“Меня зовут Adriadna Ивоновна Сидорова. Мой отец – русский. Разве Вы не услышали? я быстр. Возможно Вы должны сделать вашу домашнюю работу.”

Jamison smiled. “I have no clue what you just said, but it turned me on.”

How single minded some men seemed to be. Strange thing with this man, it was hard to take offense because of how he said it. I believed that he held the same powers with the opposite sex that Danny had had.

I didn’t say anything else, just looked at the man’s face. He was not the man I wanted to have that affect on.

He finally asked, “So what did you say?”

“My name is Adridna Ivonovna Sidorova. My father is Russian. Have you not heard? I am fluent. Maybe you should do your homework.”

His grin deepened. “Maybe you could teach me.”

I rolled my eyes. “Maybe you can tell me what else you need and I can get out of here.”

“Sure. Okay.” He leaned back in his chair, two of the feet came off the floor. “What other weapons?”

“AK-47s, APS underwaters, Korobov TKB-408s, 517s, and 022s. What can I say, he liked Russian. One reason he dealt with me.” This time I was the one turning it on. I heaved my chest as I stood up.

Jameson’s gaze followed me as I slowly walked around his chair.

“Do you like Russian?” I asked in a Russian accent.

“Uh-huh. Yes, ma’am.”

I kicked the two legs of the chair still on the floor and it tipped over backwards. “Good, then learn to speak it and you go figure out what Abilhão wants.” And I walked out of the room. I was too tired to deal with this moron and his crotch.