I have a new WIP that I’m calling SURVIVING right now. Today, I wrote 3000 words so far. I love when the story just flows.

Here’s the beginning. And remember this is raw. 🙂


He wrapped his arms around me and held on tight. At times we hit ground, but mostly just fell through open air. Our screams tangled with the rushing wind. I focused on the changing colors behind my closed lids, not willing to know the exact moment of our death. Or even worse-if we lived.

The fall lasted too long already, and I had to fight the instinct to look down. As I gave in and my eyes opened, a bed of white foaming water appeared. I had just enough time to take a deep breath when we sliced through the twisted surface. He still held me, pulling me up with him. My ankles ached and my lungs felt on fire. The man swam hard with the current, tugging me along.

After what seemed like an eternity of fighting to stay afloat, the man had us to the rocky shore of the raging river. We lay intertwined with one another for some time, both trying to catch our breath. Finally, the man asked, “Is anything broken?”

I lifted my head off his shoulder and looked into his large, milk chocolate eyes. “Um, I’m not sure. You?”

He slowly started moving his body beneath me. “I don’t believe so. But do you mind getting off me so I can make sure.”

I fought back an embarrassed smile. “Sure.” I rolled to my side, wincing at the pain my whole body was racked with. I watched the man as he stretched his long muscular body. He shook water from his black curly hair.

“Just bruised up really good. But other than that…” He looked at me sprawled on the ground and frowned. “So, want to explain why we both nearly died? Who are those men, and why did I almost take a bullet for you?”

I knew that was coming, even had the perfect rehearsed answer. But for some reason, staring in this man’s eyes, I couldn’t give it. So I did the next best thing. Kept my mouth shut.

I sat up and inspected my ankles. Sore, but not broken. The left was sprained, but I could walk. We couldn’t stay put, it wouldn’t take long for ARCOVE’s men to find us. I pushed off the ground, steadied myself, and asked, Can you walk?”

The man’s glare could’ve cut through glass. I looked away. “We need to move.” I hoped he’d follow as I trekked into the trees. I needed to get my bearings and find a way out of this mess.

“Hey, wait.” He grabbed my arm. His grip was strong, but I could’ve gotten way. “I’m not going anywhere unless I get some answers.”

I shrugged off his hand. “Suit yourself. But if you stay here, those men won’t answer your questions, they’ll kill you.” I caught the blaze in his eyes and the glare before I turned and hobbled towards the trees.

Twigs snapped behind me. His heavy steps would make finding us that much easier for Abraham Maller and Mr. Clean. “Hey, mind treading lighter? I’d like to live to see another day.”

He grumbled something under his breath, and I assumed, stopped. I turned back and he nearly plowed me down. When I started walking again, I felt his breath on my neck on occasion, but rarely heard him. A normal civilian wouldn’t know how to walk through the jungle that way. And he was definitely American, no doubt about it. He didn’t belong in the Amazon.

I almost laughed out loud. Neither did I.

Have a great weekend!