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When seventeen-year-old SAMANTHA SANDERS’ parents are killed in a car accident, she is forced to move half way across the country to live with the blind Cherokee grandfather she hardly knows. After a nightmare where she finds herself inside the mind of a killer, she’s positive she doesn’t want to stay in Oklahoma.

Sam falls for twenty-one-year old hottie, Deputy ANDREW CLEARWATER, and he returns the affection at first. But his behavior soon changes, becoming erratic and standoffish. Missing Andrew, Sam finds solace in her math tutor, JAMES PETERSON.

The close relationship her grandfather has with Andrew and his mother throws them together often. During a game of backyard football, Andrew tackles Sam, pinning her to the ground. Before they can kiss, her mind is overcome by an inhuman presence. Sam is rushed inside, away from Andrew, and through her confusion, darkness takes over her mind. She sees through the eyes of a monster who wants to destroy them. A searing pain shoots through her body, ending her vision. Frantic and scared, Sam demands explanations, only to discover some answers aren’t easy to swallow.

Andrew explains to Sam that they both come from a long line of Cherokees Protectors with special gifts that aid them in destroying Flesh Eaters-monsters in human form. She figures out her recurring nightmares are more than just bad dreams. They are a window into the mind of the monster, leaving her with a lust for blood-and for the Flesh Eater.

Andrew and Sam’s mutual attraction continues to grow and they begin dating. After sneaking out, and going way further than either intended, Andrew decides it’s best to take a break from Sam for a while. The lack of attention from Andrew makes resisting James’s advances that much harder. To complicate feelings further, another admirer emerges from the shadows-COLIN, the all-too-real monster from her dreams.

Although Colin is bound by his kind to kill her, he becomes obsessed with Sam and manipulates her thoughts and dreams. Eventually he shows himself, speaking only in her thoughts, and vows to watch over her. Sam hates herself for the attraction she feels when the monster calms her fears, and for the desire that fills her in his presence and through her dreams.

The other Flesh Eaters are angry with Colin for allowing Sam to live. Colin’s long time lover tries to destroy the newest Protector, but Andrew arrives in time to save her. When Colin steps out of the woods, Andrew believes they are doomed, but instead, Colin murders his mate in order to save Sam.

After the near-death experience, Andrew breaks things off with Sam for good, telling her he thinks his attraction is just physical. Heartbroken, she again turns to James, who’s more than willing to comfort her. Sam struggles to deal with the love of her life dumping her, and tries to understand why the Flesh Eater saved her life. But her hardships are nothing compared to the hell Andrew is living through trying to keep up the lie.

Andrew keeps the real reason he left Sam from her. Her grandfather’s visions revealed that if she didn’t remain pure, the Underworld could gain control of the Protectors, ultimately destroying them.