Friday morning before I left for school, Andrew called. “I don’t work tonight. Do you want to do something?”

“Um. I kinda promised James that I’d go to his basketball game. Vincent wants to go so he can talk to Laura. He met her last night.”

He sighed, but then in what I knew was a forced, pleasant voice said, “Okay. Some other time then.”

“Come with us,” I blurted.

“Yeah right, Sam.”

“I’ll cancel.”

“No. Then I’m being a jerk. Go to the game, and maybe we can go to the Tulsa Zoo tomorrow.”

I sat on my desk chair. “Because Paw-pa’s suddenly forgotten that he doesn’t want us alone and will gladly give his permission?”

He laughed. “No. Because I’m going to bring Mark and the new love of his life, Elizabeth, with me, and beg. We won’t ever be alone, and I’ve really made up my mind this time that the no French Kissing Rule is back in affect. So nothing will happen.”

“Oh. Then I bet he says yes.”

“He will.” His voice became like a dancing flame, melting me. “I can be very persuasive when I want to be.”

“I know. So, can I see you after the game?”

His voice changed back to normal. Still sexy. That deep Southern accent always got to me. “I should probably go to bed. I do have to work Sunday morning. I’ll get plenty of sleep tonight so I can spend all day with you tomorrow.”

“Then I’ll see you bright and early in the morning.”