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When seventeen-year-old Samantha Sanders is forced to move in with her blind Cherokee grandfather, vivid nightmares take her inside the mind of a killer. She dreams of murders that actually happen…while they’re happening.

Sam finds herself in a forbidden relationship with local hottie, Sheriff’s Deputy Andrew Clearwater. Soon after, she experiences a terrifying vision of a strange attack on him, through the eyes of his attacker. Flustered, she turns to Andrew for explanation. He reveals her dreams and the attack are related to an ancient line of Cherokee Protectors who fight Flesh Eaters-monsters that look like us, but come straight from the depths of legend. As their descendants, Sam and Andrew are bound by duty to protect others.

Loosely based on the Cherokee Legend The Stone Shield, this young adult urban fantasy LEGEND OF THE PROTECTORS is complete at 97,000 words.

A registered Cherokee, I enjoy studying the history and legends of my people.