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When her parents are killed in a car accident, seventeen-year-old SAMANTHA SANDERS must move halfway across the country to live with the blind Cherokee grandfather she hardly knows. And after a dream where she finds herself inside the mind of a killer, she’s sure she doesn’t want to stay in Oklahoma.

On her second day in town, Sam gets lost on her way to school. Twenty-one-year old Sherriff Deputy ANDREW CLEARWATER pulls her over and offers his help. As if a police escort isn’t bad enough, Sam is lost in Algebra so she befriends JAMES PETERSON to help her navigate Tahlequah High-and Algebra.

Sam’s grandfather, DON, eats supper a few times a week with Andrew and his mother. When Sam comes along for the first time, one week after her parents’ death, she breaks down. Andrew shows kindness as he consoles her that night, but his behavior over the next few weeks becomes erratic and unexplained, so Sam finds solace in James. Unfortunately, she’s looking for a friend while he’s looking for a girlfriend.

During a backyard game of football on Thanksgiving Day, Andrew tackles Sam, pinning her to the ground. But before he can kiss her, a breeze carries in the overwhelming smell of sweet coconut, an odd odor in Oklahoma. Her mind is overcome by a presence that doesn’t feel human. The game ends when Andrew’s cousins rush her inside.

Darkness takes over, and Sam experiences a strange ability to see through eyes not belonging to her-eyes starving for the destruction of Andrew and his uncle, until a searing pain shoots through her body, ending her vision. Frantic and scared, Sam demands explanations but quickly realizes they are not easy to swallow.

Andrew privately explains the Cherokee Protector Legend. Andrew and Sam both come from a long line of Cherokee’s with special gifts and talents that aid them in destroying Flesh Eaters, monsters of human form. Learning of Andrew’s abilities of speed and strength, and Don’s of visions; sometimes allowing him to see the future and know of the monsters’ presence, scares Sam. Especially since she seems to have a physic connection to the monsters.

Sam, constantly aware of someone watching her, has recurring nightmares, nightmares where she is the monster. And the scary part-she likes it.

Andrew and Sam’s attraction continues to grow and they begin secretly dating. But she still struggles with the advances of James, and now another admirer has emerged from the shadows. COLIN, the all-too-real monster from Cherokee legend who stalks her. But not just in a physical sense. He can penetrate her dreams.

Although bound by his kind to kill her, he becomes obsessed and makes his presence know. And in the end Colin saves her by murdering one of his own.

After the near death experience, Andrew breaks up with Sam, telling her he thinks his attraction is just physical. Heartbroken, but determined to stay strong, Sam turns to James, who’s more than willing to comfort her. Sam doesn’t realize Andrew’s true reasons for leaving her: Don’s visions have revealed that if Andrew doesn’t stay away from Sam, together they would destroy the balance of the Protectors. Andrew is devastated that Sam can’t know he still loves her.