Okay, here’s the place to work on queries. Querytracker.net. And it’s a great place to keep track of everything else, too.

To have you queries critiqued, click on forum. There is all kinds of info there. But before you post yours for critique, go to the Querytracker blog and make sure you’ve learned the keys to a great query.

First key, The Hook

Two, The Setup

Three, The Conflict

Four, The Consequence

Five, Everything Else

The rest of the blog offers great insights as well.

So now that you have the keys to a great Query letter, you may post them here, along with first chapters. I will post them here Wednesday, for anyone interested. 🙂

But I also recommend Querytracker.net. It is a great and helpful site.

Anyone up to read Michael’s 1st  chapter, It will be up tomorrow actually. He would really appreciate the comments. And No, it’s not from the one he posted for the first 250 words! So stop by and read it.