Legend of the Protectors by: Sarah Jensen

A young adult urban fantasy


February 2009

Help with Synopsis

This doesn’t have good voice, and I will work on that, but are the points important? What should stay, and what should go? Any questions you want answered?



When her parents are killed in a car accident, seventeen-year-old SAMANTHA SANDERS must move halfway across the country to live with the blind Cherokee grandfather she hardly knows. And after a dream where she finds herself inside the mind of a killer, she’s sure she doesn’t want to stay in Oklahoma.

On her second day in town, Sam gets lost on her way to school. Twenty-one-year old Sherriff Deputy ANDREW CLEARWATER pulls her over and offers his help. As if a police escort isn’t bad enough, Sam is lost in Algebra so she befriends JAMES PETERSON to help her navigate Tahlequah High-and Algebra.

Sam’s grandfather, DON, eats supper a few times a week with Andrew and his mother. When Sam comes along for the first time, one week after her parents’ death, she breaks down. Andrew shows kindness as he consoles her that night, but his behavior over the next few weeks becomes erratic and unexplained, so Sam finds solace in James. Unfortunately, she’s looking for a friend while he’s looking for a girlfriend.

During a backyard game of football on Thanksgiving Day, Andrew tackles Sam, pinning her to the ground. But before he can kiss her, a breeze carries in the overwhelming smell of sweet coconut, an odd odor in Oklahoma. Her mind is overcome by a presence that doesn’t feel human. The game ends when Andrew’s cousins rush her inside.

Darkness takes over, and Sam experiences a strange ability to see through eyes not belonging to her-eyes starving for the destruction of Andrew and his uncle, until a searing pain shoots through her body, ending her vision. Frantic and scared, Sam demands explanations but quickly realizes they are not easy to swallow.

Andrew privately explains the Cherokee Protector Legend. Andrew and Sam both come from a long line of Cherokee’s with special gifts and talents that aid them in destroying Flesh Eaters, monsters of human form. Learning of Andrew’s abilities of speed and strength, and Don’s of visions; sometimes allowing him to see the future and know of the monsters’ presence, scares Sam. Especially since she seems to have a physic connection to the monsters.

Sam, constantly aware of someone watching her, has recurring nightmares, nightmares where she is the monster. And the scary part-she likes it.

Andrew and Sam’s attraction continues to grow and they begin secretly dating. But she still struggles with the advances of James, and now another admirer has emerged from the shadows. COLIN, the all-too-real monster from Cherokee legend who stalks her. But not just in a physical sense. He can penetrate her dreams.

Although bound by his kind to kill her, he becomes obsessed and makes his presence know. And in the end Colin saves her by murdering one of his own.

After the near death experience, Andrew breaks up with Sam, telling her he thinks his attraction is just physical. Heartbroken, but determined to stay strong, Sam turns to James, who’s more than willing to comfort her. Sam doesn’t realize Andrew’s true reasons for leaving her: Don’s visions have revealed that if Andrew doesn’t stay away from Sam, together they would destroy the balance of the Protectors. Andrew is devastated that Sam can’t know he still loves her.


Merging Queries

I’ve taken two of the past queries, and merged them. What do you think?

And please, come join the gals at if you give a girl a pen…

New query:

High school and a love triangle are easy compared to what lurks in the mind of seventeen-year-old Samantha Sanders. Vivid nightmares take her inside the mind of a killer, where she encounters a lust for blood and a creature she doesn’t understand. The clincher, she dreams of murders that actually happen… while they’re happening.

Living with her blind Cherokee grandfather isn’t her ideal situation, until she meets young Officer Andrew. Mr. Hottie in uniform, and a friend of dear ol’ grandpa’s. The sun shines a little brighter now, but there’s a slight problem: Sam’s too young for him. At least for a few months until she turns that magical number-eighteen.

To add a little more strife to her life, the nightmares go from freakish dreams, to a vision she’s wide awake for-watching an attack on Andrew, as if she were the monster.

The connection between Sam’s dreams and the reality of her new life, lies in her Cherokee heritage. She belongs to an ancient line of Protectors who fight Flesh Eaters-monsters, who look like us, but come straight from the depths of legend.

To add to the bizarre, Sam somehow finds herself attracted to a man-monster, in real life. And lucky her, not only can he enter her dreams, he can control them.

Loosely based on the Cherokee Legend The Stone Shield, this young adult urban fantasy LEGEND OF THE PROTECTORS is complete at 90,000 words.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Must Brag

Before I add my regular post, I must take a minute and BRAG. Here is an article about my brother Mark. 🙂


He is the Tribal Attorney for the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation.

Proud of you!

Writing Exercise


The sky grew darker as the cloud grew and raced toward us. “What is that?” I whispered. I’d watched clouds turn to twisters for three years now, but I’d never seen anything like this before.

“I’m not sure,” Dillon answered. “It almost looks like…” He squinted. “Like birds or something. But there’s got to be millions.”

“Birds? Where did they come from?”

He looked at me and raised a brow.

“Yeah, okay. Guess you know about as much as I do at this point.”

As the cloud flew closer, pings of shock pulsed though my system. What the heck. Birds couldn’t do that. My heart felt as if someone had reached into my chest and squeezed.

“Dillon?” I doubled over and fell to my knees, and looked over to see him on the ground convulsing. What was happening?

Electric vibrations continued to rock my body and I too fell to my side. As the cloud descended upon us, I realized our birds were bats. Hundreds of millions of pudge-nose, vampire bats.

Even in these numbers, they should not have this affect, was the last thought I had before my heart stopped.

Lone Protector

I am working on book 2. Editing and doing a major overhaul. Funny how I write romance the first time through and have to edit most of it out, and then go back and add more monster in. 🙂

I’m a romance writer at heart.

Oh, well.

So I had a comment in spam where someone hated my last post. If he ever comes back here again, I posted that for a contest. 😉 Not that I feel I need to explain my post to some poor soul who has nothing better to do than cuss me for my contest entry, but I have heard of search engines. 😉

Anyway, back to Book two. I am losing about six chapters completely, and am excited where book two is going.

Have a great weekend all!

Great interview

Beth Revis has interviewed Cynthia Leitich on her blog. For those of you who don’t know who Cynthia is, she’s the author of  Tantalized and Eternal.



Visit Beth’s blog for a chance to win a copy of one of these books, and for the great interview. And then head over to Cynthia’s. And for your FYI, agent Nathan Bransford had this to say about Cynthia’s blog,

“Cynthia Leitich Smith, who runs one of the absolute best writing blogs out there.”

So go check them out!

And have a great weekend!

Tuesday’s Motivational: WISDOM

I’ve decided to start something new on Tuesday’s. I will take one of my favorite motivational posters from and blog about it. I will also give the link to that particular poster, so you can go purchase it, if you so desire.

So today’s topic: WISDOM


Seek always, for by looking for one thing you will surely find another – this is the path to wisdom.

The dictionary defines wisdom as follows:

1. Insightful understanding of what is true, right, or enduring.

2. Native good judgment (had wisdom to leave well enough alone)

3.The amassed learning of philosophers, scientists, and scholars.

David Starr Jordan said, “Wisdom is knowing what to do next; Skill is knowing how to do it, and Virtue is doing it.

This makes me smile when I think of the path I’ve taken since I started writing novels. I sat down and started writing. I didn’t go buy a book on how to write. I didn’t take a class. I simply put pen to paper and wrote my novel. We did not own a computer, and I realized that to do this successfully, I would need one, so my dear brother in law gave me his old laptop.

After transferring the novel to computer, I began editing. Now remember, I only thought I knew what I was doing. After editing my novel three times, I talked my husband into getting the internet. I figured my story was pretty good, and if I wanted anyone to read it, I’d have to have a place to send it. I at least had enough wisdom to want to find an agent. Unfortunately, that is where my wisdom ended.

A friend of a friend read my manuscript and did a much better editing job than I had done. After I had sent out thirty-five dreadful queries, not that I would really call that letter a query. (I should see if I saved a copy of it, so I can post it. You’d get a good laugh.) She told me to get on and they would help me put together a real query letter.

So now, I’m learning, right? Right. I’m gaining Knowledge/Skill.

I have learned a lot since then. I have edited my book until it made sense to others, and not just to me, because the characters live with me. The query has improved greatly, and I actually know who the agents are I wouldn’t mind working with, and what they want. I know agents that I think are great, but wouldn’t be a good fit for me.

I am gaining WISDOM. And I didn’t say I’ve gained it.

Henry David Thoreau has given us many things to reflect on, and here is no different. “It is characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things.”

Again writing and publishing come to mind. I was desperate to find an agent at the exact moment I believed my manuscript was finished. LOL. Finished. That piece of drivel. Anyway, so as mentioned, I queried. What would have happened if an agent, through a lack of poor judgment, had requested my manuscript?

It would have been rejected before they finished the first page. Why? Because the first chapter was cliché and throat clearing. None of it remains.

Learning is a necessary part of growth. A necessary part of life. And I for one, am enjoying the ride.

Share what you’ve learned in you writing/life endeavors. And here‘s the link to the wolf poster.

Book Cover

Okay, so this probably isn’t what my book jacket will look like, you know, when I’m published and all, but my friend Michael painted a lovely picture and made this up for me. He’s a brilliant artist, and you’ll have to check out his sites, here and here.

So here’s the beautiful cover picture for Legend of the Protectors.


Would you like…

If you are interested in reading more of Michael’s Middle Grade novel, please let us know in the comments section.

Thank you.

And anyone who would like additional help with queries, let me know. I just may post yours. 🙂

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