Okay, next week we will work on our queries. So if you can have them in by Wednesday morning at 9 am MST, I’ll get them posted and up that same day.

Changed the email address for that, but if you’ve already sent them to the msfvrevisions email, I’ll still get them.

The email to send them to is sdoddjen@gmail.com

And since Authoress doesn’t want us criting our first 250 words over here anymore, which I totally respect, anyone still up for having queries and the first chapter critiqued, let me know.

I will be happy to post queries next week, and the following week, a first chapter by Michael.

You may post more than one query if you’d like. For the same book, or for mulitiple books. As you might have noticed, I had a few different queries posted here last week. So send me what you want to work on. 🙂