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Molly Gumnut’s Little Critters

Children’s Chapter Book for confident readers aged seven to nine

Time for Aberjabla

Molly Mavis Gumnut pedalled up the hill away from the riverbank. Mud clung to her clothes and dried on her legs. She chewed on bubblegum as she whizzed down the dirt road toward her cottage. Stupid soggy prawns, she thought, I need better bait. Her tackle box rattled as she whipped around a sharp bend.

A puppy darted toward her. Molly swerved to the right and jammed on the brakes. The bike skidded, throwing Molly to the ground.

Angela Bloomfield grabbed her dog. “You nearly killed my puppy, stupid!”

Molly scrambled to her feet and rubbed her elbow. “You should have him on a leash!” She squatted to stroke the puppy. “He’s cute. I wish I had a dog.”

“Get off my Griswald, Mucky Molly.” Angela pushed Molly away. “You’ll give him germs.”

“I’m not mucky!” Molly brushed a wet curl from her face. “It’s only mud. I’ve been fishing and I fell in the river. Can I hold him?”

With her nose in the air, Angela hugged her puppy. “No, you stink of fish.”

Molly popped her bubblegum. “Well, I’m getting a rabbit for my birthday.”

“No, you’re not,” said Angela. “I heard our mothers talking. Your mother said you’re too young to have a pet. She’s getting you roller-skates instead.”

“You’re lying.” Molly gave Angela her meanest squinty-eyed look. “My dad said I could have a pet when I turn seven.”

“Roller-skates,” repeated Angela.

With her fists clenched, Molly yelled, “Well, you’re not coming to my birthday party.”