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Young Adult Urban Fantasy

The scent of Pine Sol almost knocked me on my butt as soon as the front door swung open. I held my breath. The small grey house, with paint flaking off the wooden clapboards, smelled like a nursing home.

I sucked in hot humid air before following Paw-pa, inside. Even the night in Oklahoma smoldered. And at the end of September, too.

The living room was much smaller than I’d recalled. I glanced at my grandparents’ faded wedding portrait above the old television and Mom and Dad’s picture on top.

I turned over my parents’ picture as I walked past.

Paw-pa stopped in the hall, his long grey braid fell over his shoulder as he turned my direction. His hand shook a little as he felt for the knob. “I’ve got the first room ready,” he said. It had been my grandparents’, but Paw-pa wouldn’t sleep in there after Grandma died. He opened the door and I winced at the Pepto pink walls. I’d have to paint them in earth tones in order to have peace. If there was any such thing in this world.

To think, I’d liked this when I was ten. Man, my taste had changed drastically in seven years. I dropped my bag and pillow on the bed and went into the kitchen, noticing Paw-pa in his recliner watching television. Brian stood in the corner talking on the phone. I sat at the table, waiting for him to finish so I could talk to my best friend Stacy.