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Crevan Fox
Young Adult

Crevan Fox strutted away from the beach of Crescent Moon Bay, shaking the sand off his feet when he reached the sidewalk. He passed the Ice Cream Shack, then the Lighthouse Trinket Shop that sold trinkets and souvenirs of the lighthouse that stood on the other end of the beach. He looked at the red and white striped lighthouse looming in the distance and shook his head in disgust.

Stupid lighthouse. Everyone makes such a big deal about it. It’s ridiculous. He walked past the pier, crowded with people. Tourists come from everywhere to see a lighthouse that they can’t get into. It has no windows, no doors. No one knows who built it. It’s never been used.

His stomach knotted. The kids he hated most in the world might get to solve the mystery of the lighthouse. Just knowing they had a chance of it, irritated Crevan to no end.

Dad better not tell me what I just heard is true. I hope it’s just a stupid rumor.

He picked up a stick to smack against the fence as he continued down the sidewalk where the street was lined with tidy, colorful houses that faced the beach.

“Beep, beep,” someone behind him said.

Annoyed, Crevan glanced back and rolled his eyes at the boy on the bike. It was Toby Garin, a boy his same age of thirteen. He didn’t like this kid much.