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Early Chapter Book

Spring was the busiest time of year on Buttermilk Farm. Calves were arriving day and night.

One balmy night, a tiny calf struggled into the world.  Farmer Johnson and Verbal stood by in the barn.  Mrs. Johnson was there, too.  She loved all of the cows, and knew every one by name, even though they all looked remarkably alike.

Mrs. Johnson decided she would name this calf Pandora if it were a girl.  She wasn’t sure why she picked that name.  But something told her this calf would be full of surprises.

After many long hours, Pandora was born.

From the very beginning, Pandora knew she was different.  She couldn’t see the difference.  It was the reactions of everyone around her that told her she was no ordinary cow.

When Farmer Johnson first saw Pandora, he said, “Well, well, would you look at that?”

Mrs. Johnson said, “Oh, isn’t she precious!”

Verbal said, “What in tarnation?”

But it was her mother’s reaction that told Pandora she was unusual.  Pandora’s mother, Buttercup, took one look at her new daughter and fell over in the straw in an earth-rattling faint.  No doubt about it; there was something odd about Pandora.


I am seeking representation for my 7,200-word Early Chapter Book, Pandora.
Meet Pandora, a most extraordinary cow. All the other cows on Buttermilk Farm have black and white splotches. Not Pandora. She’s checkerboard. Pandora’s greatest desire is to be loved and needed. But the other cows think she looks too weird. They either laugh at her or run away every time she comes around.  It’s a lonely life for Pandora.

Then one day Pandora moves to Sunnyside Farm. At Sunnyside, everyone accepts and loves Pandora as she is; especially one small boy named Lester.

Lester thinks Pandora rocks! And he’s pretty sure her checkerboard pattern isn’t the only thing that makes her special.  Pandora hears in Lester’s voice all the sadness and loneliness she knows so well. It’s no wonder they become fast friends. When together they find out that Pandora’s milk is also special, Lester comes up with a brilliant plan that helps him realize his own worth.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.