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Title: The Treasure of Morro Bay – A Tale of Two Hearts

Genre: MG Light Fantasy

April’s scream echoed from the garage walls as brightness exploded through the window, chasing the darkness into corners and illuminating the thing in front of us. She scooted closer, grabbing my arm, as thunder rumbled through the house.

Even in the dim light, the fear in her eyes was evident when she looked up at me. Maybe it was because she was only thirteen. Or maybe it was because of the thing sitting on the floor-the thing we had dug up earlier that morning.

As another bolt of lightning flashed outside the window, my mind replayed the events that had led us to this point . . .

That morning had begun with the irritating sound of April Logan’s voice yelling up at my bedroom window. “Hey, Grant!”Are you going to sleep all day? I thought we were going fishing. Get up already!”

I considered how delicious it would feel to simply ignore her and let sleep crawl back into my head. I was just about to enjoy that feeling when her voice jumped into my ears again.

“Grant Parker! I know you’re in there. Come on. Get up!”

She wasn’t going away. In fact, she never went away. She had turned into a real pest this summer. Ever since her father had disappeared a few months ago, she had been hanging around Matt and me – all the time – like a lost puppy.

“I know you can hear me,” she yelled.

Who couldn’t?