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Violent Purple

Young adult urban fantasy

The current world climate sucks eggs – raw eggs.  We all want to escape our stress.  My young adult urban fantasy, Violent Purple, complete at 66,000 words, provides that escape.

Mom’s a faery, Dad’s an elf, and their six children never knew.

Arturo Dell, fifteen-year-old gamer geek, considers himself a man of science.  However, scientific theories and data can’t explain the magic sparkles shooting from his fingers.  The realization that he’s a supernatural half-breed from a thousand-year, magically-mixed marriage,  discombobulates Arturo’s rational worldview.  All he wants is to disarm bombs in his virtual game, Homeland Security.  But at the appearance of his parent’s foe, Alkibiades, his family is beset by arson, drive-by shootings, and a giant murdering Easter bunny.  Mom goes to jail for inciting a riot and Arturo’s attacked by ladies undergarments.  When his sister Fayerie is kidnapped, he must accept the reality of magic or lose her forever.  If Arturo’s fledgling powers fail, will his gaming skills be enough to save her life, or will they die together?

The urban fantasy world calls to young adults.  There, they have the knowledge, skills, and experience they lack in real world situations.  There, magic exists.  Reading has turned into safe harbor from an unstable world and turbulent adolescent insecurities.  In 2005, according to The Young Adult Library Services Association, there was one fantasy book in the Teens’ Top Ten.  When Hurricane Katrina hit, the war in Iraq escalated, and mortgage defaults climbed, fantasy books boomed.  In 2008, seven of the Teens’ Top Ten books were fantasy.

As a mother of six I well know the happy chaos and magical energy of a large family.  Violent Purple encompasses both aspects and draws on the reality of the power available to us all when we sacrifice ourselves for someone we love.


Chapter 1:  Blowing Up Brothers

The bomb shone with symmetric beauty.  Red, white, yellow, and blue wires entwined through the C-4, the shapes almost geometric.  Arturo focused on the colored lines.  There had to be a pattern.  If he snipped the wrong wire, Kansas City would explode.  So would he, along with two million other people.  That would suck.

Arturo wiped a trickle of sweat from his brow, and took a deep breath.  Breathe in with the calm air, out with the stress. He settled the controller more firmly in his real hands.  The cyber hands on screen mimicked his movements.

His fingers flew over the buttons on the game controller.  They moved with smooth precision between the hundreds of colored wires on the explosive device.

“I own you, man,” Arturo crowed into the head mic.  Excitement bubbled in his chest.  ExCIA had beaten him at Homeland Security everyday for almost a month.  It had been one of the most frustration-filled months of his life.  But now, he would disarm the bomb and blow ExCIA into a million pieces   At last, he’d get his revenge.

“Yeah?  You think you do, Junior,” the hollow voice of ExCIA echoed through the headset.  “You teenagers think you rule the world, but we old guys still have it going on.  There’s no way you’ll beat me.”

“Yeah, right, old man,” Arturo answered.  The virtual hands snipped another wire.

“I ain’t kidding Junior,” he warned.  “You have an IQ bigger than your shoe size.  Why don’t you use it?”

Arturo snipped a second wire.  Then, made the hands hover over the two red lines connected to the timing mechanism.  He entered a sequence of numbers and zoomed in to scan along the red, white, and blue plastic-coated copper wiring.

“Think Junior.  Think first what you know about me, since I designed this thing,” ExCIA cautioned in his echoey, simulated voice.  “If you know the character of the designer, you have a map of the design.”