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Genre: YA Fantasy

Karma’s long hair swayed around her as she descended the dark staircase.

Nightmares had awoken her again and the thought of hot tea, tempted her to retreat from the warmth of her bed.

Reaching the bottom step, she crept over to the kitchen.  The faint aroma of that evening’s dinner still lingered in the air.  The moonlight, barely visible through the kitchen window, highlighted a couple of spiders, dripping silvery spikes from the ceiling.

“He’ll stop at nothing to destroy you!  He hates traitors . . . !”

Karma froze.  The unfamiliar voice echoed out from her stepfather’s office.

Tiptoeing across the kitchen, she halted at the office, and pressed an ear against the door.

“B-But how could he have known?  There’s no way he could’ve found out!  I was so careful -!

The mystery man growled.  “Dammit, Devante, it doesn’t matter how he found out; what matters is he did!  If he captures your family, he’ll figure out who she is.  Thirteen years he has searched for her!  What do you think he’d do to you, if he knew you were harboring her in your own hou -?”

“But what am I to do with her now?”  The sound of Devante’s fist slamming on the top of the desk made Karma jerk her head back.

“You’ll find sanctuary in the city of Carling.  That would be the only place he can’t reach you . . . or her.”

Karma’s eyebrows knitted together.  Are they talking about me?