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Title: TOUCH
Genre: YA paranormal romance

I should have gotten in my car and driven home, told my mom I couldn’t
find it. The truth. Even if it did sound pathetic.

Or gone into the stadium and waited for the game. By myself. Even more pathetic.

I should not have started walking. Alone. At night. Toward a haunted house.

Though that last part wasn’t my fault.

I was a block from the high school when I saw the sign: Haunted House,
Free Today Only.

The horror movie scenario entered my head uninvited. Lonely girl goes
to haunted house and winds up dead, or worse. Eaten by a zombie?
Turned into a werewolf? The other way around? I didn’t know which was
most likely. I avoided scary movies. Maybe zombie werewolves?

The sign pointed left, so I headed right. I would not be going to any
haunted houses. Not by myself, not ever. I’d never understood people
who scared themselves for fun.

For a little while walking helped, and I forgot how pathetic I felt,
but then my stomach growled, reminding me I hadn’t eaten dinner,
reminding me of the pre-game barbecue no one had told me was canceled
or moved or whatever had happened. I dug in my purse, hoping to find

A peppermint. Better than nothing. I popped it in my mouth.

“Hey there, you coming in?”

I jumped and almost choked on the mint.

A man stood silhouetted in a doorway. Orange lights flickered behind
him and eerie music mingled with the cheers from the distant stadium.