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YA Supernatural Romance

“Are we there yet, Daddy?”  Groggily, I opened my eyes.  The road glare made me close them again.  Even with the air on full blast, sweat beaded on my neck.  Welcome to Phoenix, Kat.

“Just about, Kitty.”

I hated being called Kitty. Few got away with it. I’d been Kat since the fourth grade.  I liked Kathryn even less. The car turned and I struggled to open my eyes again.

My head was muzzy as I tried to focus.  I’d slept most of the way.  Daddy slipped me more pain meds for the drive from the Burbank hospital where I’d spent most of the month recuperating from the horrific four-car pileup that had taken my mom away from me.

When I finally got them open, I blinked in surprise.  This was not my father’s little house in North Tempe.  Closing them, I counted to ten.  Must be the meds. Thanks to being t-boned in the accident, my left arm was now in a sling, my left leg in a walking cast.

The strange house was still there when I opened my eyes.  “Where are we?”  This was not his yard.  There was no grass, no mulberry tree planted when I was born.  It was a yard of rocks with a palm tree in it.  It was not his green and white house.  This house was a stucco and terra cotta box.

Am I dreaming? I pinched my arm.  Nope, not a dream.  Pity.

“Surprise.  What do you think?”

And here is the hook for this. She would like help with it also. So any suggestions are appresiated.

Pitch Para;

Sixteen-year-old Kat McCormick dies for two minutes in the car accident that takes her mother from her.  Sent to live with her dad in another state, Kat discovers that defying death has done more than turn her eyes purple and cause her hair to grow in black.  It’s brought her into a world that’s always existed, but she’s never truly seen.  Kat has three moons to decide if she will join the fast and alluring Night World or if she’ll join those who fight against them.  Aaron Lewis, a seductive and handsome living Vampire wants her to choose the Night World – and him.  But he’s not the only one who will stop at nothing to influence her decision.