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Title: Ghost Dog of Roanoke Island

Genre: Middle Grade Ghost Story

“There.” Jack slammed the last piece of packing tape on the cardboard box in front of him. “Now we can get out of here.”

He lifted a foot to kick the carton against the wall, but stopped, shoe still in midair. The floor creaked and groaned as though something was walking across it. Something unseen.

The hair on Jack’s neck stood up.

Moving only his eyes, he searched left, then right.

Nothing stirred.

Don’t be stupid, Jack thought angrily. There’s nothing haunted about this place, no matter what the kids at school say.

He kicked the box.

“It’s just a crappy house.”

Jack stared around the front room. Sure, some weird things had happened. His home-run baseball and tennis shoe were missing. Stuff in his room had been messed up and moved. But, still … a ghost?

“Well, it doesn’t matter now anyway. We’re leaving!” he growled. “And I’m glad. I can’t wait to get off this island.”

He brightened slightly. As soon as Dad got back they’d go. They’d pick up Mom and Kimmy and go home – to Ohio . Away from this creepy island. And away the hurricane that was supposed to hit tomorrow.

Jack stared at the board-covered windows.

“Where are you, Dad?” Jack yelled. “You said you’d be right back.”

He stomped toward the front door and reached for the doorknob, then froze. The door rattled violently, shaking on its hinges, a deafening howl roaring on the other side.