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Birthday Catastrophe

Middle grade

I shut the door to my bedroom and pushed a chair in front of it. I didn’t really want to make the phone call, because a part of me, deep down, knew the truth.

At the start of summer vacation, Millie left for her cousin’s, swearing that she couldn’t get through the summer without me. She’d returned for the first day of fifth grade much different from the friend I’d built forts with in my backyard.

I kicked dirty clothes under my bed. I’d had enough.

I pressed Millie’s number into the phone and waited.

“Hello,” Millie said.

I took a deep breath. I knew exactly how to find out if our friendship had any chance of surviving. “I, Quinn Kilpatrick, do solemnly swear to enter the world of training bras and deodorant-”

Millie laughed in a not-so-nice way.

My cheeks burned and I wanted to hang up.

“Please don’t tell me you still remember that silly oath we came up with last year,” Millie said, “Anyway, I was going to call you.”

“Really?” I said. Maybe she was about to tell me that the whole first week of school where she’d practically ignored me was a huge mistake. Right.

“My parents are sending me to a private boarding school tomorrow. It’s so cool. My cousin goes there, and I’ve met some of the girls in my class.”

“That’s great,” I said, “Well, good luck. I’ve gotta go, ya know, paint my nails or something. Bye.”

Somehow, I would survive fifth grade without my best friend.