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Middle Grade Fantasy

Her teacher was wrong! All wrong! Stella LaPlant scooted to the edge of her seat, flipping through her notebook. Not all bats were nocturnal. She raised her hand.

“Yesterday, I saw bats — large bats — flying in broad daylight.” Stella tapped the entry under the “Strange Sightings” section. “We have small-footed bats and big-eared bats in North Carolina, but these were some sort of giant vampires. And they had a z-marking on their stomachs!”

The teacher dropped her chalk and the entire Possum Trot Elementary fourth grade class looked at her as if she’d just blown peas out of her nose. Then they erupted into hee-haws.

What was she thinking? She should have kept a low profile and kept her mouth shut after what happened at lunch. Someone had replaced her tofu with Spam. Stella had been known to turn down hamburgers in favor of Brussels sprouts, and once again, the veggie-lover was in a pickle. Now she faced a fresh round of teasing.

“Woof. Woof. Dog eyes,” someone behind her snickered. Stella pushed her sunglasses further up her nose. Her classmates said only dogs and cats could have one blue eye and one green eye.

After school, Stella stomped home, kicking a pebble down the dirt road. Her cat, Simon, scurried beside her. “They can all kiss my butt-er-beans!” Stella shuffled under a magnolia tree and something in its waxy leaves moved. A possum peered from behind a flower. Another strange sighting!