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Title: A Crack In The Dam
Genre: Upper MG Fantasy
My cupcake was huge, probably so Wok could write “Congradulashuns!” on top.

“Thanks, Wok,” I said. “But I gotta go.” I felt bad not eating it in the kitchen, but I wanted to get to the safety of my room.

Wok nodded and shooed me out. “Go, Master Jason,” he said. He couldn’t spell, but he was pretty perceptive for a Smig. He knew my brother would be home soon, wanting revenge.

I hurried through the dining room, inhaling the sugary smell of the cupcake. Turning the corner I hit a hallway as tightly packed with bodies as my school building after the final bell. Workers were busy putting the finishing touches on my mother’s latest redecorating scheme. My mouth hung open. How could they have done so much, so fast?

I slowed to take it all in. The hallway looked like a tree tunnel, the trees lining each side intertwined high above me at the ceiling. They were filled with squirrels and all kinds of birds: finches and warblers, sparrows and pine penguins. Pygmy ground bears popped up out of the grass below. I could identify them all because every time my mother redecorated I had to learn the names of all the new habitat’s plants and animals. And I mean really learn them. She tested me constantly.

I edged my way down the gravel path cut into the grass, carefully protecting my cupcake. Passing the parlor I did a double take when I saw the moose.