Okay, I sent this to Caren Johnson-Estesen. She asked for a little blurb about the book, and then asked for 20 pages. Not much, but I’m excited!

Here’s what I sent her:

Would you be interested in a novel where a seventeen year old girl has freakish dreams in which she lives the life of a murdering monster? Add to the dreams, a vision she’s wide awake for-watching an attack on her love interest as if she were the monster. Then to make things more bizarre, our protag somehow finds herself attracted to the creature in real life. All this while dealing with high school, boys, and a blind grandpa.

Loosely based on the Cherokee Legend The Stone Shield, this young adult urban fantasy LEGEND OF THE PROTECTORS is complete at 90,000 words.

Now I’m rushing to make sure the first 20 are up to par. 🙂