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Samantha Sanders thought being dragged half-way across the world-okay, from California to Oklahoma-was bad, but to find out she dreams of murders that actually happen…possibly while they’re happening… things just got worse.

Living with a blind Cherokee grandfather isn’t her ideal situation, until she meets Officer Andrew.  Twenty-one, mucho hot in uniform, and a friend of dear ol’ grandpa’s. Then there’s another problem: Sam’s too young for him. At least for a few months until she turns that magical number, eighteen.

Problem three’s pretty cute, too. Great at math. And her new best friend.

Problem four. That’s a-whole-nother ballgame. The nightmares went from freakish dreams where she lives the life of a creature she doesn’t understand, to a vision she’s wide awake for-watching an attack on Andrew, as if she were the monster. Now enter the secret world of the Cherokee Protectors.

In ancient times, living among the Cherokee were a man and a woman, Nayunúwi and Uilata- human looking monsters with steel claws. Strange gets stranger, after killing the female Nayunúwi, the Warriors burned her body. An Elder used the ashes to bless his unborn child in hopes of  protecting his people.  The first Protector was born, a boy with a magical tie to the creatures.

To add to the bizarre, Sam somehow finds herself attracted to a man-monster, in real life. You got it. Legend’s true. And Samantha is the first Protector’s descendant. And lucky her, not only can one of them enter her dreams, he can control them.

Loosely based on the Cherokee Legend The Stone Shield, this young adult urban fantasy LEGEND OF THE PROTECTORS is complete at 90,000 words.

A registered Cherokee, I enjoy studying the history and legends of my people.

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