Okay, a few more tweaks. What do y’all think?

I am submitting for your consideration my young adult urban fantasy, LEGEND OF THE PROTECTORS. Though I believe it will appeal to the readers who love the romance in Twilight, it is not another vampire story, using monsters from the Cherokee legend The Stone Shield.

In this 90,000 word novel of romance and secrets, high school and a love triangle seem easy compared to what lurks in the mind of seventeen-year-old Samantha Sanders. Through nightmares, she finds herself inside the mind of a killer where she encounters a lust for blood and a creature she doesn’t understand.

When Sam is forced to move in with her blind Cherokee grandfather, she finds herself in a world she never knew existed. She must learn to deal with her parents’ death and a new school as she falls in love with twenty-one-year-old Andrew Clearwater, local Deputy and all around hottie. James Peterson, a new friend expressing a romantic interest, complicates matters even more.

After experiencing a strange and terrifying vision of Andrew being attacked, Sam learns the connection between her dreams and the reality of her new life. Her Cherokee heritage harbors dangerous truths that not even her second degree black belt could have prepared her for. She belongs to an ancient line of Protectors who fight Flesh Eaters-monsters straight from the depths of legend.

Thing is, Sam has a secret admirer–someone bound by his kind to kill her. And if Sam can’t learn to defeat this creature, not only do her chances of survival decrease, she may become one.

A registered Cherokee, I love to learn about the history and legends of my people.