This is what I came up with, thanks to a few suggestions from other authors and Ceylan, Damyanti, and Liz. And thank you to those who offered their comments! It’s longer. Is it any better?

With a second-degree black belt, seventeen-year-old Samantha Sanders can usually take care of herself. But when she moves in with her blind grandfather in rural Oklahoma, Sam finds herself inside the mind of a killer as he invades her dreams.

An instant attraction between Sam and a twenty-one-year old Deputy, Andrew Clearwater, causes obvious problems. How can Sam escape him when he seems to be everywhere? Even teaching a three week self defense course at her new high school, where the popular James Peterson is more than willing to help Sam navigate her way around.

Nightmares invade her sleep on regular intervals, forcing her to deal with a lust for blood and a creature she doesn’t understand. When Andrew is attacked, Sam witnesses it in her head. Confused, she turns to Andrew and discovers her Cherokee heritage harbors dangerous truths no amount of martial arts training could have prepared her for. She belongs to an ancient line of Protectors, who fight Flesh Eaters, monsters straight from the depths of legend.

High school and a love triangle might seem easy compared to what lurks in her mind: Sam has a secret admirer-a monster who is bound by his kind to kill her.