Just spent a wonderful Christmas Day with my family! We broke down and joined the world of video games. But the only reason we gave in, was because it’s interactive. We got a Wii. All the games we got exercise either your body or your mind. And for people who don’t watch TV, it’s been fun.

In our home we read, play outdoors, walk most places… So I knew we’d never own anything that caused people to sit in front of a box and lose their minds. (Unlike the computer :)) But when we heard about all the stuff you can do with the wii, we thought we’d give it a try. And we got RockBand too, and I like that. I love music.

Anyway, we spent the day together, playing and enjoying ourselves. And today, it’s back to work and the real world.

But just wanted to say, Merry Christmas! And to wish everyone a Happy New Year!