I just finished the first draft of book 2 to Legend of the Protectors. I’m enjoying the story and part of me wants to start the third book before I do any edits on the second. But I’ve realized from writing a good portion of book 2 before I did the edits to book one, that the story tends to change, sometimes drastically, while characters change their minds, or as you get to know them and discover they really wouldn’t do that, or say that.

And since a portion of Lone Protector was written before the first edits, the voice is off. Sam no longer sounds like a 36 year old woman, so I have to edit those parts back to her now 18 year old self. I did a lot of editing of the pre-written stuff while I added it in to the story, but have a long way to go to polish it.

So instead of working on book 3, (My Protector) I’m working on Lodi Wisconsin, a fun teen love story. No monsters. A first for me. And Devin McKenzie is speaking again, so hopefully I’ll have that first draft finished in the next month or two also.