Legend of the Protectors by: Sarah Jensen

A young adult urban fantasy


December 2008

Friends of Lizzy

If It’s Wrong is the only song I’ve heard of Friends of Lizzy, but I really like it and am trying to find more on them.

This isn’t the greatest video ever made, but it gives you an idea of the band, and it’s a great song. 😉


Writer Beware/ Brien Jones

I subscribe to Writer Beware’s blog and found it very interesting today. If you work in any way with the publishing world, then you should know about Writer Beware’s efforts to keep authors safe from people like Brien Jones. I’ve now read a lot of negative things about him, all because he has a big mouth on his blog.

Now, I’m not in the habit of attacking people, but I do think it’s important to share what I find. So I’m simply sharing what I’ve found about Mr. Jones.

Judge for yourself if he is someone you would want to work with.

Other links are

Julie R. Neidlinger

Lee Goldberg

Like I said, fellow writers, make your own call. I for one am thankful for Lee Goldberg and Victoria Strauss, and others like Bonnie Kaye. Keep up the good work.

Joy to Everyone

My friend Alan sent me this link and I wanted to share a wonderful Christmas video. It’s one to bring a smile on your face any time you’re down.

Merry Christmas!

Just spent a wonderful Christmas Day with my family! We broke down and joined the world of video games. But the only reason we gave in, was because it’s interactive. We got a Wii. All the games we got exercise either your body or your mind. And for people who don’t watch TV, it’s been fun.

In our home we read, play outdoors, walk most places… So I knew we’d never own anything that caused people to sit in front of a box and lose their minds. (Unlike the computer :)) But when we heard about all the stuff you can do with the wii, we thought we’d give it a try. And we got RockBand too, and I like that. I love music.

Anyway, we spent the day together, playing and enjoying ourselves. And today, it’s back to work and the real world.

But just wanted to say, Merry Christmas! And to wish everyone a Happy New Year!


I discovered yesterday, thanks to Nathan Bransford’s blog, a great new website for authors and those who just love to read. Authonomy is Harper Collins-UK creation. You can post your novel and read others as well. It’s a must check out!

Lone Protector

I just finished the first draft of book 2 to Legend of the Protectors. I’m enjoying the story and part of me wants to start the third book before I do any edits on the second. But I’ve realized from writing a good portion of book 2 before I did the edits to book one, that the story tends to change, sometimes drastically, while characters change their minds, or as you get to know them and discover they really wouldn’t do that, or say that.

And since a portion of Lone Protector was written before the first edits, the voice is off. Sam no longer sounds like a 36 year old woman, so I have to edit those parts back to her now 18 year old self. I did a lot of editing of the pre-written stuff while I added it in to the story, but have a long way to go to polish it.

So instead of working on book 3, (My Protector) I’m working on Lodi Wisconsin, a fun teen love story. No monsters. A first for me. And Devin McKenzie is speaking again, so hopefully I’ll have that first draft finished in the next month or two also.

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