Okay, if you go to the movie expecting to get the book, you will be highly disappointed. But if you go with an open mind and understand that movies are never close to as good as the book, then it’s great. I really enjoyed it.

Admittedly, a few times I had to remind myself that it was a movie and not the book.

Over all, GREAT!

Giving nothing away, I liked the add ins.

I loved Charlie and Billy.

Taylor Lautner was Jacob to me.

The acting was strong.

I also went back and reread Breaking Dawn with Robert Pattinson in mind for Edward. (I didn’t want to reread Twilight so close to the release.) After doing that, I was okay with him playing Edward, and honestly, he did a great job.

Kristen Stewart was Bella.

I give Twilight 4 stars. Can’t give it 5 because it wasn’t the book.

Go. Enjoy.

But remember–It’s not the book!