I’ve been reading a lot lately. Anything and everything writen by James Patterson. If his name’s on it. I’ll read it. Last night I finished Suzzane’s diary for Nicholas. I shouldn’t read tearjerkers before bed. He is brilliant. I believe the man can write anything. Jester is a well done historical romance. He writes mystery, romance, YA, and everything in between. Okay, enough tribute to JP.

I’m working on a new novel that I love. I’m sleeping with my characters so to speak. They come to me and tell me what to write. What I’m getting wrong, and how to fix it. It’s so helpful when they do that for me. LOL.

Writing is a joy. As is my near perfect little family. I have the most wonderful husband on earth, who lets me stay home, raise our four kids, and write. What a perfect life. Thanks John for loving me.