Being a writer myself, I can imagine how betrayed Stephenie must feel right now. I can’t understand betraying anyone the way she was, but especially a friend! It’s inexcusable in my eyes. I hope Stephenie realized that there isn’t one of her fans that would still not run to the bookstore the second it’s available! And Stephenie, do you really think that the changes that I know will come, will hurt any ones feeling?

I read many manuscripts that change drastically. I love it! And honestly, other than a few minor things, there’s little wrong with it. I’m sure there are many who didn’t even notice flaws, but since I edit, I’m more aware. I catch things in published books.

I, as I’m sure the rest of you do as well, grieve with Stephenie. I hope she can find some comfort in the fact that her family, true friends, and fans are always here to support her!

Best of luck to her, and I hope she can move on and finish Midnight Sun!

(Side note Stephenie–If you decide to ever write the end of Eclipse and beginning of Breaking Dawn from Edward POV, you sooooo wouldn’t hurt my feeling!)

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Intoxicated Twilight
Intoxicated Twilight